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Bass Mafia Tackle Bag – Fishermans Central

By A Mystery Man Writer

Bass Mafia Money Bag Review - Wired2Fish

Bass Mafia 2 Bud Bag – Mafia Outdoors

Bass Mafia Bud Bag – Mafia Outdoors

The Bass Mafia Bud Bag is perfect for storing your spinnerbaits and buzz baits. The outer shell is made from a treated fabric that provides the first layer of water proofing. Once inside the bag, there are five storage pages, each with five individual compartments measuring 3'' x 5'' for a total of 25 compartments. The compartment pages are made from the legendary proprietary ''Money Bag'' material complete with heavy duty seal lock.

Bass Mafia The Bud Bag

Terminal Tackle Storage

Built to store pack-after-pack of your favorite bait – and then some, the Bass Mafia Money Bag provides spacious, one-size-fits-all storage for just

Money Bag

Designed by renowned 2018 B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year and Tackle Warehouse Pro-Staffer Justin Lucas, the Bass Mafia Bud Bag helps anglers organize

Bass Mafia Bud Bag V.1

Bass Mafia Briefcase – Mafia Outdoors

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